The Purr-fect Feline Companion

              Would You Love To Have a Pet?

  •  Have no time to walk a dog?
  •  Live in a flat?
  •  Have no garden?
  •  Too busy to take on a kitten?
  •  Owning a cat is impossible because you or a family member suffer allergies? 

If you can offer a 'fur-ever' home to an older Siberian, please click on the link below for information.      

Please note - for the present, kitten enquiries should be made on 07756882893.

'RACE FOR LIFE' 'RACE FOR LIFE' 'RACE FOR LIFE' I would like to thank everyone who gave a donation to Cancer Research UK in sponsorship of myself and daughters at a Race for Life event on Sunday 15th June, in  Dundee. 

 How Siberians came to Scotland & how it started!

My name is Caroline, I live near the famous golf town of Carnoustie in ANGUS on the N.E. Coast of Scotland, U.K. with my daughter Alice. My interest in Siberian cats started several years ago. At the time I bred Ragdolls and was looking for a second breed. After seeing a photo of a Siberian in a library book, I became curious about them.

However, as there were no Siberian breeders in the UK, I put the thought of ever owning one to the back of my mind and purchased a lovely Norwegian Forest Cat. But my thoughts kept turning to Siberians, so I began looking into the possibility of importing them. This was quite a scary prospect, as I knew nothing about the breed or what was involved in importing cats to the UK.  

For the next two  years, I researched the breed, getting to know breeders in Russia, Finland, Germany and the States.  I made leaflets about the breed, handing them out to people at shows in the hope of promoting the interest of breeders and cat fanciers to the breed. I then made plans to import a male and two females from Finland to the UK in 1999/2000. Unfortunately events were such that I had to postpone these plans and it wasn’t until 2002 that my first Siberian Fabulafelis Egregia arrived in the UK.

I imported 6 foundation Siberians, a male and female from Finland, 2 females and a male from Russia, then later a female from Germany.  I knew I didn’t want to put kittens into quarantine as I personally felt quarantine was not the environment kittens should be reared in. Fortunately the UK quarantine rules were changing which meant the kittens could remain in their homes or (if their breeder lived in a country not on the Pets Passport Scheme) be fostered in other homes while completing their Pets Passport. Though it meant waiting several months before my Siberians would enter the UK,  this arrangement suited me perfectly. 

 Prior to importing my Siberians, I met Irina Sadovnikova from St Petersburg, who's knowledge of Siberians and pedigrees was invaluable.  Irina became a good friend and mentor and I owe much to her.  In 2003 and 2005 Irina came to the UK and held Siberian work shops for Siberian breeders and judges.          

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